Access to all the essential information before your departure! Find out more about passport rules and regulations, visas and where to find health-related information.

First, make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your departure date. This rule is enforced in several countries, mostly in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Please be informed that, just like adults, children and infants also need to travel with their own personal valid passport (simple identification is accepted on certain domestic flights in France and within the Schengen Area, but make sure to check beforehand).

In order to find out more about all the policies, customs and health formalities implemented by local authorities at your destination, we suggest that you visit the websites below:

If you possess a different nationality than the before mentioned, please contact the consulate of your destination country and any country (ies) that you will be passing through.

Belgian citizens can register themselves while abroad on, whereas Dutch citizens can do the same on the website of Foreign Affairs:





Electronic visas are required for the USA (ESTA), Australia and Canada (ETA)

International travellers who seek to enter these countries may be submitted to heightened security measures and may have to make an electronic travel authorisation before arrival.

You can make these requests online by visiting the following websites: